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Everything you need in your reports

Our data sources are credible because your business depends on it

Accurate data

Our publications are renowned for insight, accuracy, integrity of telecom information and are authored by experts with years of experience.

Industry Specific

Our data relates only to ICT industry, so there is little to distract or confuse you. We Provide data to obtain meaningful information, which is accurate, unbiased & timely.

Unbiased reports

All our reports are fully verified to be unbiased because they are collated from various sources.

We have a host of services to help you get the edge

Besides in-depth reports, we offer the following services:

  • Customized Tracking Of Data Of The Competitors
  • Customized Report Generation
  • Online Announcement Of New Products’ Launch / Services Of The Corporates
  • Online Brand / Product Promotion
  • Conducting Interviews Of The Important Dignitaries Of The Corporates /
    New Entrants For Their Brand Building / Promotion
  • Exclusive Coverage Of Events
  • Conducting Online Surveys On Behalf Of The Corporates

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Our Products

This publication provides, everyday, a quick update and summary on the most important happenings in the Indian telecommunication industry. Every morning we scan all the leading national newspapers and ensure that all relevant news/details reach the subscribers in real time, through email.

Frequency : Daily Via Email & Online Access

This publication provides, everyday, a summarized report on all the tenders invited by leading PSUs for purchase of telecommunication equipment. Major percentage of telecommunication equipment is purchased by PSUs like BSNL, MTNL, ONGC, Indian Railway, Indian Defense industry etc and we cover all of them. We provide ‘tender- information’ like opening date, closing date, earnest money asked for, tender value, project / tender details and also the address from where further information can be obtained.

Frequency : Daily Via Email & Online Access

This publication provides, an interactive database which is up-to-date and comprehensive, pricing plans, promotional schemes / tariffs of all the Wireless & Wireline service providers of various operators, across India. It provides an insight into the intensity of price competition within different Circles. Tariff Alerts through email is a unique feature of this product.

Frequency : Daily Via Email & Online Access

This publication provides an interactive database, which is up-to-date and contains comprehensive pricing plans, promotional schemes, and tariffs of the GPRS Packs & Data-Card Plans of all the Mobile Operators in India.

Format : Online Access

This unique publication provides information / images of the advertisements done by various companies of Indian Telecom & its related industries in India. Based on this useful data, the corporates can then decide the direction of their advertisement campaigns in the future & gain a competitive edge over others.

Frequency : Thrice a Week Via Email & Online Access

Features Of The Excel Report

  • All Telecom KPI’s in a single file
  • Access to all archives for the last 7 Yrs
  • Entire data on spectrum holdings of Operators
  • Generate your desired report in less than 10 secs
  • Create your own Graphs / Charts in a single click
  • No knowledge of excel required to generate the reports

Frequency : Monthly Via Email in Exel format

What our Clients are saying

TelecomWatch is very useful. It is a one stop destination for all Telecom related information. I have been using their products for the last 8 years and have been able to stay on top of all competitive offerings and strategies. I wish them the very best and wish them even more success.

Mr. Vinay BhushanCountry Head - Marketing - 4G & Broadband Services, Airtel Corporate

TelecomWatch is a pioneer in the field of providing insight on Indian telecom industry and its ecosystem.

Mr. Raajeev KuumarAVP, Marketing, Uninor Corporate

Great service to the telecom industry of India. For any telecom professional this newsletter take priority over newspaper dailies. Keep it up !

Pankaj GandhiDirector, Wireless Sales, India and SAARC, Commscope

TelecomWatch for me is a "one-stop-shop" to keep me updated on the latest in the industry. It is the most important source of authentic and timely information.

Mr. Shashank PadhyeMarketing Head – Reliance, Mumbai

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